Our role in TrainLead

Leading the Dissemination and Communications (D and C) Strategy

 The D and C strategy is one of the key success factors for the project’s realisation. The Strategy will follow two parallel tracks: internal and external communications and will be based upon detailed answers to the following five questions:

  • What kind of individual/group receivers of information in the project do we have?
  • What demand for information on particular groups of stakeholders do we have?
  • How this information is to be delivered?
  • How often should we deliver this information?
  • Who is responsible for its preparation?

Aims and Objectives of the D and C Strategy

The main aims of the communication and dissemination plan are to:

  • Ensure on every step smooth flow of information between all project participants, stakeholders and communities of interest of the project;
  • Communicate project outputs and results;
  • Provide a coordinated and coherent project brand.
  • Transfer the project objectives, methodology and results to a wider audience in Europe;
  • Clarify the competitive advantage of a new model of Head teacher development;
  • Enhance reciprocal learning and partnership building.