TrainLead: a project which joins the efforts of 7 organisations from 6 European countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK and Greece), representing diverse stakeholders in the field of school education – secondary school, regional education authority, business training company, education event’s organiser, VET training centre and a youth association.

Our partnership aims to enhance training provision of future school leaders, starting from South Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania) and expanding across whole Europe. Our main objectives are to:

– design learning outcomes framework in school leadership;

– develop a 5-month multilingual training programme in educational leadership and an online multilingual community learning space for supporting the training process;

– train 10 online mentors from 6 partner countries to support the implementation of the training programme;

– engage 20 senior teachers from Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania in a 5-month pilot test of the training programme;

– disseminate project activities and results across teachers’ communities in the 6 partner countries through a series of demonstrative events and social media campaigns.

Our main target group are senior teachers, who possess potential, competences and experience to be quickly trained for school management positions and adopt the educational leadership paradigm, needed for handling current and future challenges faced by schools and school education systems in general.